Leadership Team

Mrs Anna Cindric
Mrs Anna CindricPrincipal
Mr Mark Abad
Mr Mark AbadAssistant Principal
Mrs Donna Mahoney Bennett
Mrs Donna Mahoney BennettReligious Education Coordinator & Reading Recovery
Mrs Louise Boerebach
Mrs Louise BoerebachLeader of Pedagogy: Differentiation & Kinder 5th Teacher
Mrs Jennifer Piper
Mrs Jennifer PiperLeader of Pedagogy: Assessment and Literacy & Year 3 Grevillea
Mrs Jolene Barilla
Mrs Jolene BarillaLeader of Pedagogy: Assessment and Mathematics & Year 1 4th Teacher
Mr Steven Clifford
Mr Steven CliffordLeader of Innovation & Year 4 Wattle
Ms Lisa Scott
Ms Lisa ScottLeader of Pedagogy: Assessment & Year 2 Grevillea
Ms Laura Bentley
Ms Laura BentleyLeader of Pedagogy: Personal Development and Physical Education & Year 6 Banksia

Teaching and Support Staff

Ms Leanne Johnston
Ms Leanne JohnstonK Banksia
Mrs Jacinta McAuley
Mrs Jacinta McAuleyK Banksia
Ms Anneke Thornton
Ms Anneke ThorntonKinder Eucalyptus
Ms Amy Bagnall
Ms Amy BagnallK Grevillea
Ms Tracy Maxwell
Ms Tracy MaxwellK Wattle
Ms Johanna Albrecht
Ms Johanna AlbrechtYear 1 Banksia
MsTricia Fitzgerald
MsTricia Fitzgerald Year 1 Eucalyptus
Ms Lyndal Wilbers
Ms Lyndal WilbersYear 1 Grevillea
Ms Rachel Pinker
Ms Rachel PinkerYear 1 Grevillea and PE Teacher
Ms Suzanne Henderson
Ms Suzanne HendersonYear 2 Banksia
Ms Kate Purcell
Ms Kate PurcellYear 2 Eucalyptus
Ms Rosanne McGrath
Ms Rosanne McGrathYear 2 Wattle
Miss Eliza MuhlbockYear 2 Grevillea
Ms Michelle Jones
Ms Michelle JonesYear 2 Fifth Teacher and Librarian
Ms Jane Milross
Ms Jane MilrossYear 3 Eucalyptus
Ms Holly Mason
Ms Holly MasonYear 3 Banksia
Ms Georgia Wilsher
Ms Georgia WilsherYear 3 Wattle
Ms Jennifer Dillon
Ms Jennifer DillonYear 4 Banksia
Ms Kimberlee Hill
Ms Kimberlee HillYear 4 Eucalyptus
Ms Lisa Considine
Ms Lisa ConsidineYear 4 Eucalyptus and Year 4 Wattle
Ms Margaret Madden Burns
Ms Margaret Madden BurnsYear 4 Grevillea
Ms Michelle White
Ms Michelle WhiteYear 4 Grevillea and Performing Arts Teacher
Ms Robyn Parker
Ms Robyn ParkerStage 2 Fifth Teacher and Indigenous Support
Ms Donna Rix
Ms Donna RixYear 5 Banksia
Ms Claire Serwa
Ms Claire SerwaYear 5 Eucalyptus
Ms Natalie Crippin
Ms Natalie CrippinYear 5 Grevillea
Ms Katarina Ruddick
Ms Katarina RuddickYear 5 Wattle
Mrs Karly Forshaw
Mrs Karly ForshawYear 5 Wattle
Ms Grace Highett
Ms Grace HighettYear 6 Eucalyptus
Ms Claire Morrison
Ms Claire MorrisonYear 6 Grevillea
Mr Colin Barry
Mr Colin BarryYear 3 Banksia, Year 6 Banksia, Year 6 Grevillea
Mr Blake McCrindle
Mr Blake McCrindleYear 3 Wattle
Ms Sarah Avgeris
Ms Sarah AvgerisStage 3 Fifth Teacher
Ms Donna Wallis
Ms Donna WallisDiverse Learning
Ms Julie Anglin
Ms Julie AnglinDiverse Learning
Ms Maree Kennedy
Ms Maree KennedyDiverse Learning for Year 3
Ms Johanna Wakim
Ms Johanna WakimDiverse Learning
Ms Tracey Richardson
Ms Tracey RichardsonFamily Educator
Ms Lucy Benjamin
Ms Lucy BenjaminPerforming Arts Teacher
Ms Kylie Clark
Ms Kylie ClarkPE Teacher
Ms Donna Burge
Ms Donna BurgeSchool Counsellor
Ms Corinne Foster
Ms Corinne FosterSchool Counsellor
Mr George Smyrneos
Mr George SmyrneosISO
Ms Tenille Nair
Ms Tenille NairOfficer Manager
Ms Rochelle Fletcher
Ms Rochelle FletcherOfficer Administrator
Ms Margaret McDonnell
Ms Margaret McDonnellOffice Administrator
Ms Joanne Jenkins
Ms Joanne JenkinsOffice Administrator
Ms Natasha Stevens
Ms Natasha StevensLearning Support Officer
Ms Catherine Gigg
Ms Catherine GiggLearning Support Officer
Ms Jennifer Campbell
Ms Jennifer CampbellLearning Support Officer
Ms Yvette Dorigo
Ms Yvette Dorigo Learning Support Officer
Ms Jemma Harlow
Ms Jemma HarlowLearning Support Officer
Ms Renee McMahon
Ms Renee McMahonLearning Support Officer